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  • About Us

    ? ? ? ? ?As a whollyowned subsidiary (WOS) under SING WONG GROUP LIMITED, NANXIONGSINGLONG CHEMICALS CO., LTD., is a professional manufacturer offering all-roundsolutions of special coatings. Its predecessor was SINGWONG ASIA PACIFIC(BOLUO) CO., LTD., established in 1988 and renamed as NANXIONG SINGLONGCHEMICALS CO., LTD., in 2013 at the current location of Zhuji Industrial Parkin Nanxiong City, the largest industrial base of fine chemicals with the most completesupportive facilities in South China. Adhering to a strategy of playing safewith sustained development relying on its modernized scientific research labsand testing equipment, several automatic production lines and professional productionequipment, as well as an experienced elite team of management and force of technicians,the Company has hammered out an independent prestigious brand of "SINGWONGPAINT" to the satisfaction of clients, taking the leading position in theindustry. Holding on to the vision of "becoming a professional and respectfulenterprise in the field of coating", we have made continuous efforts to optimizeand innovate our products, reached close cooperation in business and technologywith foreign research institutions and enterprises, such as SUPERFINE WORKSTECHNOLOGY INC from the United States of America and M.C.Ms.r.l from Italy, andcommitted to providing each client with high cost-performance product solutionsand high-quality services.

    The Company is mainly engaged in the business of high-endchemical coating, covering such products as glass coating, ceramic coating,wood coating, architectural coatings, anticorrosive coating, etc. We havesuccessively passed the "ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification","ISO 14001 Environment Management System Certification", "ChinaEnvironmental Labelling Product Certificate" and "China CompulsoryCertification (3C Certification)", and so on. Our products haveindependent intellectual property rights and have been honored by internationaland domestic authoritative institutions as green and environment-friendlyproducts.

    We develop with innovation, we focus on quality, andwe service with whole heart!

    To be the No. 1 brand of rubber in China
    Glass coating Ceramic coating Architectural coatings Anticorrosive coating
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